High-quality wall art

Enhance your home or office decor!
My silk-printed black paper wall art is a perfect choice.
With a size of 35cm x 50cm and made with eco-friendly white paint,
this unique piece of art is sure to catch the eye of anyone who enters the room.


But that’s not all – my wall art is AR-ready, meaning you can experience
a whole new level of interactivity with your artwork.
With animations that can be viewed directly from my website,
you can watch your wall art come to life and add a new dimension to your space.

If you’re looking for a way to make a statement with your decor,
my silk-printed black paper wall art is a perfect choice



Art Print


35×50 cm



Limited Edition

Yes, Copies: 50

3 reviews for The Reapers

  1. Xara

    My wall at home feels great wearing this ☺️

  2. Christina

    The perfect detail that my living room wall needed. From the first moment I saw this work of art, I loved it.

  3. Seeker_One

    Great art, great quality 10/10 would recommend 💃

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