Bundle Contents:

“Pizza Adventure” takes you on a deliciously imaginative journey through the unexpected realm of battle, love, and a whirlwind of emotions centered around everyone’s favorite comfort food — PIZZA. Brace yourself for a captivating narrative that unfolds in the midst of cheesy encounters, saucy twists, and a crust of emotions. It’s a unique exploration that transcends the ordinary, just like your favorite slice of pizza.

“Noodle Noir”: Dive into a murder mystery simmering with noir intrigue and Chinatown aesthetics. This zine serves up a tantalizing bowl of suspense, seasoned with the rich flavors of intrigue and garnished with the essence of the unexpected. Get ready for a feast of twists and turns, where noodles take center stage in this crime-filled culinary adventure. A noir experience that’s as satisfying as your favorite bowl of noodles.

“Pumpkin Therapy” is an emotionally charged zine that delves into the unique journey of a pumpkin seeking therapy. Explore the depths of emotions and the power of self-discovery as this zine takes you on an introspective adventure, unraveling the layers of the pumpkin’s psyche as it confronts the complexities of existence.

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  1. fot.

    I love these ! My fav is “Pumpkin therapy” 🎃

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